Grow Diary By WEEGrow BR30 - Elly

by Krystal Zheng

Our customer Elly has got her grow light bulb and started the diary with WEEGrow BR30 grow bulb. She shares some of her records with us with pictures of her vibrant plants.

Elly is excited in learning and documenting the whole process of growing tomato plants indoor, so as soon as she got the grow light bulbs, she immediately started the journal! Let’s see how Elly’s tomato plants grow in the following diaries.


Recorded on 28 May, 2021.

This is the WEEGrow grow light bulb I bought and it has tons of LEDs on it. The bulb also fits on the fixtures perfectly. I start the germination, set this led grow light bulb up in a long cord and hang it above my pot. I do not use a grow tent because I just want to get a small start. But I may consider a larger scale if my first try goes smooth.

Grow Diary By WEEGrow BR30 BulbGrow Diary By WEEGrow BR30-D1


Recorded on 24 Jun, 2021.

Look at my green young sprout of plants in the pot in the rays of the plant grow light bulb, they are really energetic! I turned the bulb on 18 hours and turn off 6 hours per day. I didn’t water them too often. The pictures are respectively 7-days old and 14 days counted from the day they broke soil.

I really like this bulb because it gives out a sun-like light and just emit a good amount of brightness to my seedlings. My tomato seedlings love the light!


Grow Diary By WEEGrow BR30-D7Grow Diary By WEEGrow BR30-D14


Recorded on 4 Jul, 2021.

I have transplanted them in larger pots. My tomato plants have been growing taller, and they do not lost any real leaf nor turn yellow. They seem to be doing very well. Still on for 18 hours and off 6 hours everyday. I’m very satisfied with this bulb, definitely the best grow light bulbs for my tomato so far. But I will update my grow diary and see how the bulb work for my plants when they are in the flowering stage.

Grow Diary By WEEGrow BR30-D30


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