Growth diary by WEEGrow WG-600 --Hannah

by Krystal Zheng

This week, we received a new grow diary from our customer Hannah. She is growing dwarf lemon with WEEGrow WG-600. Let’s see how Hannah grow a dwarf lemon from seeds indoor!


Step 1

Plant: dwarf lemon

Stage: seeds starting

Container: tissue  

Light: not using grow light nor letting it be exposed to sunlight

Water: spraying water twice a day


  1. Rinse the seeds with warm water for 48 hours and peel off the wrinkled skins.
  2. Moisten a tissue and put the seeds into the tissue and fold them up. I keep it moist and wait 2 weeks until I found the seeds sprouted.


grow diary by WEEGrow WG-600 lemon seedgrow diary by WEEGrow WG-600 seeds without skin


Step 2

Plant: dwarf lemon

Stage: germination

Container: 1 gallon plastic pot with drainage holes

Soil: garden loam

Light: WEEGrow WG-600 indoor led grow light

Water: water them every two days  

Operation: not all seeds sprouted in the same day, but I put them all in the pot and covered them with soil. It’s time to use the grow light and water them at a regular basis. Generally, I water them twice a day and use the light 18 hours a day.

One week after I planted them in the pot:

grow diary by WEEGrow WG-600 one week

Two weeks later:


grow diary by WEEGrow WG-600 too weeks

Tips in the germination stage:

Light :

Indoor grow lights are needed if you are going to raise them at home. Citrus prefer a bright and full sun exposure but not in the germination period especially in summer. It’s a waste of time and money if using a grow light that can only be on at the fullest output for all your plants’ growing stages. One of the features that a best grow lights for indoor plants should have is a dimmable function. I choose WEEGrow WG-600 LED indoor grow light, because it has a dimming knob for stepless dimming, really convenient to adjust the brightness as needed.


Step 3

Plant: dwarf lemon

Stage: seedling

Containers: 9 × 3 gallons plastic pot with drainage holes and a plate 

Soil: well-draining sandy soil

Light: WEEGrow WG-600 indoor led grow light

Water: water them every three days  

Operation: this grow light for indoor plants increased the production quite a bit. I now have  transplanted them in 9 pots. With this WG-600 indoor grow light, I don’t have to worry about unproductive seedlings. Now I just need to wait for them to grow stronger.


grow diary by WEEGrow WG-600 transplanted lemon seedlings


Thanks Hannah for her sharing! Our WG-600 grow light mimics full spectrum sunlight with arrays of dimmable LEDs, really good for plants in all growing stages. Interested in WG-600 led grow light? Click the link here: WEEGrow WG-600 grow light for indoor plants.


We welcome every customer to share grow diaries here. If you would also like to create your own grow diary by growing plants indoor with artificial light, choose WEEGrow and you will find the best led grow lights for indoor plants!

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