WEEGrow Q-1000 A/B Plan Growth Diary—Richard

by Krystal Zheng

Grow diary from Richard's growth.

Start time: 2021.1.11

Planting plant: Blue Cheese

Planting environment: inside the tent

Equipment used: WEEGrow Q-1000 LED grow light for plants

WEEGrow grow diaries 2021-1-11WEEGrow grow diaries 2021.1.11

Grow diary on January 11

Recording from Richard:
Stating a 12/12 from seed grow of Blue Cheese with my new WEEGrow LED plants light Q-1000.

WEEGrow grow diaries 2021.1.18WEEGrow grow diaries 2021.1.22

Grow diary on January 18

Recording from Richard:
For those of you following my 12/12 from seed grow, we are now 7 days later. I keep adding "from seed", and this is important, you can't do this with clones. You will get a bunch of very small plants. Seeds only. Anyway, the full spectrum plants lights WEEGrow Q-1000 is doing a very good job. Better than I expected. At this point, I may sometimes bring in some supplemental light. A CFL or another LED, but not this time.
This WEEGrow Q-1000 led grow light is easily producing as much growth light as a 300w MH/HPS, but at 120w. rather than 300w. Much less heat too.As I mentioned in mt first post on this, there is not enough room to fully bud the plants in the 3 gal. pots in back. So after buds appear, they will be moved. I will be doing things along the way to them that do not go with a 12/12 grow.So I added 3 Solo cups with the left over sprouts to add a few more plants to the 12/12.
The last 2 Solo cups I did got me a total of 56g. for basically nothing. I will see how these develop totally inside(but at the fringe of light. They should bud nice once the big pots are out of the way.
They are also doing better than I thought they would out at the edge of the light zone.Anyway, a couple pictures from last week and a couple new ones from a couple hours ago.

WEEGrow grow diaries 2021.1.25

Grow diary on January 25

Recording from Richard:
OK, it is day 15 since I potted these. They were 2-5 days old at that time. Since they are on a constant 12/12 light schedule, I expect to see a bud stretch soon and then little buds.
At that point, I will move the big pots out and there will be much more room.The grow light for plants WEEGrow Q-1000 is doing a great job veging 8 plants and should do a great job budding the 6 remaining.

WEEGrow grow diaries 2021.2.9-project-AWEEGrow grow diaries 2021.2.11 project AWEEGrow grow diaries 2021.2.13 project A

Grow diary on February 9

Recording from Richard:
OK, things in the 12/12 closet got a bit crowed thanks to the WEEGrow Q-1000 so I had to remove the big plants to continue what I have in store for them. I will also post pictures of that project.
This will be Project A and that will be Project B. Although a small grow that probably will not yield a huge amount, Project A will give me tons of info to use in Project B, as I have never done Blue Cheese. And with a WEEGrow 120w LED growing plants are looking good.

WEEGrow grow diaries richard

Grow diary on February 11

Recording from Richard:
OK, this is project A a few days ago. The plants are about 4 weeks and everybody is budding. In fact, after this picture, I had to add another light(a blurple LED I have) to the WEEGrow Q-1000.
The WEEGrow Q-1000 buds a 2' x 2' area and I am now using more space. I have also found that the current Blue Cheese seeds I am using carry polyploid genes as I have several quadruploid tops.

WEEGrow- grow diaries 2021.1.29 project B 2WEEGrow grow diaries 2021.1.29 project BWEEGrow grow diaries 2021.1.29 project B 4WEEGrow grow diaries 2021.1.29 project B 3

Grow diary on January 29

Recording from Richard:
Training day in Project B. These plants were just Low Stress Trained. Plants are still under 12/12 light. They veged quite well under the WEEGrow Q-1000 grow lights. So well that they got so big they had to be moved before budding set in.

WEEGrow grow diaries 2021.2.9 project BWEEGrow grow diaries on 2021.2.9 project B

Grow diary on February 9:

Recording from Richard:
Here is Project B a few days ago. They are looking good after training. One of these plants is also showing quadruploid tops. When doing a 12/12 from seed grow, pot size does matter. These plants are in 3 gal. pots and are about twice as big as the plant in a 1 1/2 gal. pot. I do think that 3 gal. is the most the plants can use during the limited veg time. Polyploid plants are weird, but still produce good resin.
Seeing as I make a lot of oil or hash, I do not mind them.

WEEGrow grow diaries richard 2021.3.20WEEGrow grow diaries 2021.3.20WEEGrow grow diaries 2021.3.20 richard

Grow diary on March 20 at 5:34 PM

Recording from Richard:
Doing some more Solo cup grows in the light spots in the tent. I am .particularly proud of these 2. The first is Blue Cheese and the second is GG#4. These are seed plants, not clones.
For those who don't know what this is, you try to grow a plant from seed to harvest totally in a Solo cup(1 pint).Those of us who do them are usually people who have been growing for a long time, have plenty of pot to smoke(look behind the plant), and want to test their growing skills. A Solo cup grow is much harder than any kind of grow you will do.
I used to do them for fun and/or contests, but just recently realized that by doing 12/12 from seed Solo cup grows, | can do breeding on a small enoughscale that it is practical for a hobbyist to do. Started these with and partially budded them with a WEEGrow Q- 1000 LED growth light. I needed to add some more lights as the other plants in the tent outgrew the light. But it has done a very nice job.

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