A Good Partner For Your Plants Growth

by Krystal Zheng

Sunlight is an essential element of plants. But, indoor plants are failing to grow normally due to weather or lack of sunlight. Don’t worry. Grow light can solve this problem for you, and it will be a good partner of your plants growth. It can prolong the flowering period, and improve the quality. Therefore, it is favored by many growers.

What is Grow Light

Grow light is an artificial light source, which is used when there is no natural light or when supplementary light is needed. And it mainly stimulates the growth of plants by emitting electromagnetic spectrum suitable for photosynthesis. Grow light is designed to increase the outdoor conditions of different colors, temperatures and spectral output of the lights. To change the lumen output (intensity) of the lights, to provide a spectrum similar to the sun, or a more suitable spectrum for the plants to be cultivated. So as to promote the growth of plants.

The Advantages of Using Grow Light

In a greenhouse or plant laboratory, grow light can completely replace natural light and promote plant growth. Whether at dusk or at night, it can effectively extend and control the light required by plants.

  1. Concentrate on the red and blue light needed by plants, so that the stems, leaves and roots of plants grow more quickly.
  2. High efficiency, low consumption and long life.
  3. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 25%.
  4. No flicker start or strong light, reduce eye fatigue and physical discomfort.
  5. Simple installation and convenient use.
  6. The supplementary illumination can be enhanced at any time of the day, which can extend the effective lighting time.
  7. Completely solve the climate problem, and can arrange the light time reasonably.

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The growth of plants is inseparable from light energy. Choose a suitable grow light for your plants, and give them a comfortable growth environment. If you have any questions, welcome to comment below or chat with us.

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