An Ultimate Guide to Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

by WEE Grow

Making sure your indoor plants receive sufficient light daily is the key to strong growth. But sometimes that’s quite difficult to achieve due to the climate change or lack of window space at home. In this case, the grow light for indoor plants is a good choice.

Specially designed to mimic the natural sunlight or other desired light, grow lights can stimulate photosynthesis and provide the right color spectrum for your indoor plants to grow and flourish during any time of year. That said, with grow lights, your house will turn into an ideal environment for growing plants. As for your full-grown houseplants or seedlings, they will grow strongly, healthily and may pay off a generous harvest.


What are Grow Lights?
Why Do You Need Grow Lights for Indoor Plants?
Should Grow Lights Be Left on 24 Hours?
Where Should Grow Lights Be Placed Indoor?
What Should You Consider when Choosing Grow Lights?

What are Grow Lights?

The photoperiod that a plant needs vary from its type and the stage of cultivation. That’s where grow lights come in. By simulating the sun's action, grow lights can provide a variety of light spectrum, luminous efficacy and color temperatures that are desirable for different plants and growing periods. What’s more, aside from being available to houseplants that need sufficient sunlight, grow lights can also be used for horticulture, indoor gardening, plant propagation and food production, including indoor hydroponics and aquatic plants. If you want to know about the types of grow lights, you can click our article: How to choose grow lights for indoor plants in 2020



Why Do You Need Grow Lights for Indoor Plants?

In attempts to improve the challenging growing conditions in winter or harsh environments, more and more people now turn to indoor planting. However, due to the lack of sufficient sunlight, indoor planting has never been easy. If you want to grow indoor, you need to solve the light issue, and a great method is to install grow lights for indoor plants.

Grow lights always play a crucial role in indoor planting. Although they are a bit expensive, their benefits totally pay off the money. After all, they provide specific light spectrum to support all stages of growth. That said, indoor plants grow lights allow you to cultivate a wide variety of plants inside during any time of year.



Should Grow Lights Be Left on 24 Hours?

When it comes to the use of grow lights, you may have wondered, can the indoor plants grow faster and stronger if I leave the grow lights on all day? Absolutely Not!

Leaving grow lights on 24/7 is not feasible, as darkness is also very important for plant growth. Just like we need to take rest at night to let our brain and organs to refresh themselves, the plants also “rest” in the dark to move nutrients into their extremities while taking a break from growing.

Plants need a light-dark cycle to develop properly, and the amounts of light they need daily are various from their types. With that simple fact in mind, just find out the right amount of light that your indoor plants need per day. You can check your seed packaging or plant tags, or ask at the nursery for specific sunlight needs of your hydroponic plants when they grow and bloom.



Where Should Your Grow Lights Be Placed?

Position grow lights carefully is also important for them to best simulate ideal sunlight conditions. Hanging or placing lights over the plant beds or pots is the best arrangement without any doubt. As they mimic natural sunlight from overhead and expose all sides and leaves of a plant to the artificial light. But notice that you should adjust the placement of the grow light to maintain the proper distance based on what you want to grow and what type of grow lights you get. To take fluorescent and LED grow lights for instance, they have a lower heat signature, so they can be placed 12 and 6 inches over plants respectively.



What Should You Consider when Choosing Grow Lights?

As we mentioned above, plants have very different lighting requirements when growing up, therefore; selecting the right grow lights for indoor plants requires careful consideration.

  • Size
    Getting the right size of your grow lighting is quite important, as it ensures the lights to cover all the plants you grow. So, when you are deciding what size grow light you need, think about how many plants you'll need to cover at first. Remember to give your grow lights enough space in case they touch other objects in your room.
  • Type
    From grow light bulbs to the light panels hanged overhead, there are various types of grow lights shown on the market right now. Therefore, if you want to choose a suitable grow light, previously think about the type of plants you have, the amount of existing natural light, and where your plants are placed.
  • Ease of use
    Surely, no one wants to take more effort on either installation or operation of grow lights. So get the one which is easy to use also matters. Hence, consider how much effort you need to take on this grow light, and choose something lighter and portable if you’re planning to move your light from place to place. For example, a remote control function will greatly save your time and help you better control the growing.

The days of placing your indoor plant by the window to receive sunlight have gone, and it’s time to use a right grow light for your indoor plants. Come and choose a best grow lights for your plants in WEEGrow.

Do you have any questions about this guide? What else do you want to know on grow lights? Welcome to comment below and discuss with us.

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