LED Grow Lights at Flowering Stage

by Krystal Zheng

Do you have such a question: What kind of  LED flowering grow lights are better to use? Perhaps, some people will tell you that LED flowering grow lights with a red spectrum are most suitable for flowering. Indeed, plants need more red light at flowering than at other periods. So, many growers use red LED flowering grow lights to supplement light for their plants during the flowering period. However, this approach is wrong. Have you ever heard that one disadvantage of using LED flowering grow lights? This disadvantage is the flowering time. During the flowering stage of plants, they will take a long time. Yes, in the past, LED flowering grow lights did take a long time in the flowering period of plants, because they did not have enough light energy, and their spectrum was too simple. But today's LED flowering grow lights adopt a design of full spectrum. The full spectrum of these LED flowering grow lights include warm white light, blue light, red light and infrared light, and different lights have various effects on plants. Importantly, these LED flowering grow lights are suitable for every stage (from seedling to maturity). For instance, all WEEGrow grow lights are designed with full spectrum, which can provide all the plants needed under natural light, shorten the flowering time of plants and increase the yield of plants. However, different plants need different amounts of light during flowering.

 led flowering grow lights


For instance, most of the “WEE” plants  are photoperiodic, which means they depend on a 12/12 photoperiod for flowering. It’s crucial to provide them the correct photoperiod so that your plants can begin to bloom. Although it may change depending on the situation, such as auto-flowering strains will automatically start to bloom and do not rely on light. You may ask: What is the 12/12 photoperiod? Under normal circumstances, indoor growers will need to artificially induce flowering or germination on plants by changing the lighting plan, so that the plants receive 12 hours of light and 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness every day. Compared with growing other plants, you may find it more troublesome to grow “WEE” plants, and worry that you will forget to turn off the LED flowering grow lights at a certain time, because it will affect the growth of “WEE” plants. However, if you have WEEGrow's LED flowering grow lights, you won't have this trouble during your planting period. For example, grow lights of WEEGrow Q-1000 and WG-1000 have full spectrum light, if you use it in the flowering stage, we can also call them LED flowering grow lights. These LED flowering grow lights have a timing function, they include three timing modes (2h / 8h / 12h), and they can ensure that your plants can receive enough light at different times. In particular, these LED flowering grow lights can be used by setting the three modes of superposition, and the timing function is controlled by the 2.4G remote control attached to these LED flowering grow lights. As long as you carry the remote control with you, whether you are in the room or outside, you can turn on or off LED flowering grow lights at any time through this remote control. Besides, you can also adjust the light intensity of LED flowering grow lights through the remote control. There are five brightness levels (20% - 40% - 60% - 80% - 100%) for LED flowering grow lights, and you can adjust the brightness of light you need anytime and anywhere. If you have these LED flowering grow lights, you don't have to worry that you will miss the flowering time of your plants anymore.

 led flowering grow lights


Therefore, you don't need to choose LED flowering grow lights that can only be used in the flowering period of plants, you can choose LED full spectrum grow lights that can be used at any stage, and they will ease your grow life.

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