What Is Special About A Grow Light?

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Plants decorate our house, clearing the indoor air for us. There is no doubt that grow light is the best assistance for us if we want to create a perfect growing environment for the plants. With the assist of grow light, heliophilous plants will healthily grow indoor.

For new beginners, it is normal to be confused when they are facing the following questions. For example, what is the difference between the grow light and ordinary LED light? Could we use the ordinary lamp to replace of grow light? Which grow light would be better when we need one? Don't worry, this article presents you with answers.

What is special about a grow light?

What is grow light?

Grow light supplies a light spectrum similar to that of the sun or suitable for plant growth, facilitating plant growth. Based on the light that different plants and every growth stage requiring, the spectrum of grow light can be settled accordingly. Full spectrum LED grow lights are often used in indoor gardening, hydroponic culture, tent, and so on. Once the light for industrial production, with the technology raising and the location-oriented, grow light required, the grow light tend to be small in size for houseplants and indoor garden. The portable size plant light is very suitable for multi-scene applications, and the brightness and height of the light can be adjusted according to different scenes.

What is special about a grow light? - WEEGrow

There are three main grow lights currently common in the lighting market: HID grow light, fluorescent grow lights, and LED grow lights. If you want to know about the distinction between the three lamps, you can read this article for further reading. For indoor growers, LED grow light is a considerate suggestion. Though the cost for purchasing the light is higher than others, the grow light has a long life expectancy, estimated from 50,000 to 90,000 hours. Comparing with fluorescent grow lights, LED grow light lasts 5 times longer and half the electricity to run, which is explained by the features of the growl light, high efficiency, low heat output, and safety to use.

What is special about a grow light? WEEGrow

Is a grow light necessary?

In our opinion, plant lights are very important for plant cultivation. A study of spectroscopy shows that different spectrum has a great implication on every plant growth stage. Plants need light to thrive. Whether it is low-light indoor plants, such as dracaenas, or strong-light fruit edible plants, such as tomatoes, their seedlings need light, otherwise, they will have poor growth, reduced pigmentation, lengthy or weakness.

But the problem is that even the light-sufficiency balcony can not make sure to provide enough light or time for houseplants every day, especially during the winter. In cloudy days or low light, grow light can prolong the illumination time and provide ample light to help the plant grow. The vegetable and Chinese rose to grow in late autumn and winter, succulents plant and foliage plants growing indoor. From the benefit of grow light, using grow light in the right way is good assistance to help plants grow.

What is special about a grow light? - WEEGrow

When to use the grow light?

Since the importance of the grow light lying there, when shall we use grow light? The adoption depends on the type of plants and their growth stage. Due to plants diversification, different light compensation point (LCP) and light saturation point (LSP) are determined by the combination of the surrounding environment, light intensity, light period, every growth stage, and photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). Red wavelength in 630nm and 640-660nm increases flowering in plants, while the blue wavelength in 450-460nm and 460-470nm promotes plants with healthy growth.

We often recommend people to use full-spectrum grow light for indoor plants because they can provide all the spectrum light that plants need in every growth stage. Notably, white light is more eye-friendly than red light and blue light.

What is special about a grow light? - WEEGrow
Usually, there are several scenarios for using grow light:
1. As a supplementary light in the case of low light intensity and short light time, the growth lamp can extend the time and light intensity required by plants.
2. In greenhouse planting or indoor planting, grow light can replace natural light to promote plant production.
Different wavelengths have a visible impact on every plant growth stage. 
3. By adjusting the light wavelength, the growth light can speed up the flowering and fruiting process and increase the yield.

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