WEEGrow Christmas Sales 2020

by WEE Grow

Christmas is around the corner! This is the first Christmas WEEGrow is with you. :) In order to thank for your support and wish you a merry Christmas, we prepared the special deals for all of you!!

During Christmas Sales,

1. Pick One to Pay 0 from Every 10 Orders

Among every 10 orders we receive, we will choose one lucky customer and return ALL his/her money of this order. If you make multiple orders, you will have more chance to win, but we will only return you the money of one order.
The more orders we receive, the more chances to get FREE grow lights! Come and try your luck!

2. Special Kits for Christmas

WEEGrow Q-1000 Christmas Kit: Two Q-1000 for Half Price.
WEEGrow Q-1000 + CS-100 Christmas Kit: Only $99.99 Now.

3. All WEEGrow Lights Are On Sale

WEEGrow Q-1000: $40 (34%) Off → $79.99 for Christmas
WEEGrow C-100: $10 (34%) Off → $30.99 for Christmas
WEEGrow CS-100: $10 (30%) Off → $35.99 for Christmas

The more you buy, the more you save!

The Christmas Sales end on Dec. 31st. (GMT+8)

Start shopping now!




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