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    Q series provide dimmable quantum board grow lights and customizing timing function to you. QB series introduce the Samsung LM301B diodes and MEAN WELL Driver, bringing you an advanced and reliable quantum board grow light. The hood design WG series help to reduce light loss by reflecting the light back to plants. TB series are stretchable and several grow lights can be spliced together, perfect for large planting space.


    11 products
    WEEGROW grow light WG-1000
    WG Grow Light2
    150W Full Spectrum LED Growing Lights | WEEGrow WG-1000
    from $98.88 Regular price $149.99 Save 34%
    WEEGROW grow light Q-1000
    120W Remote Control LED Grow Lights | WEEGrow Q-1000
    from $84.88 Regular price $139.99 Save 39%
    WEEGrow Q-600 LED grow light
    WEEGrow Q-600 Full Spectrum plant lights
    60W Dimmable LED Grow Lightsn For Plants | WEEGrow Q-600
    from $49.88 Regular price $70.99 Save 30%
    WEEGrow grow light WG-600
    WEEGrow WG-600 Full Spectrum
    60W Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights | WEEGrow WG-600
    from $59.88 Regular price $84.99 Save 30%
    weegrow qb4000 led grow plant lights
    WEEGrow Grow Light QB-4000 - WEEGrow
    400W Houseplants LED Grow Lights | WEEGrow QB-4000
    from $499.00 Regular price $712.99 Save 30%
    500W Commercial LED Plant Grow Light | WEEGrow GLS-5000
    from $499.99 Regular price $799.99 Save 38%
    WEEGrow LED horticulture lighting group GLS-6000
    WEEGrow LED grow light group GLS-6000
    600W LED Horticulture Lighting Group | WEEGrow GLS-6000
    from $699.99 Regular price $999.99 Save 30%
    weegrow qb2000 led plant grow lights
    Samsung LM301B Diodes
    200W LED Indoor Plant Grow Lights | WEEGrow QB-2000
    from $249.00 Regular price $382.99 Save 35%

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