20W LED Grow Light Strips For Indoor Plants | WEEGrow LS-200

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20W LED Grow Light Strips For Indoor Plants | WEEGrow LS-200

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Product Type LED Grow Light Strips(1/2/3 strips)
LED Quantity 48pcs per strip
Rated Power 20W
Lumen 1500lm
Spectral Wavelength 380-800nm
Color Temperature 3000K Full spectrum
6 Brightness Adjustment 10%-20%-40%-60%-80%-100%
Operating Voltage AC110-240V  USB5V
Product Size 3*13.2inch
Beam Angle 120°
Working Temperature -4℉~167℉
Material Aluminum & PVC
Plug AC & USB for 1/2/3 strips,
Input Voltage 5V for 1/2/3 strips
Life Time >50000 hours
Lighting Range 0.1-0.3 square meters
Suitable Distance from Lamp to Plant 0.9-3.98ft(30-120cm)
IP Grade IP44


Type Recommended Hanging Distance
Seeding  24 in
Germination 24-30 in
Vegetables 18-24 in
Flower 12-18 in


Type  Recommended Lighting Time
Vegetables 18/6h(on/off)
Flower 18/6h(on/off) or 20/4h(on/off)

Full spectrum grow light with 50000 hours

It Simulates natural light to emits 380nm to 800nm like all the wavelengths– meet all the growth needs of your plants. Its service life is 50,000 hours, and It has proven effective at promoting indoor growth as it accelerates photosynthesis.

Auto Turn On & Off with daily Timer lights

You can schedule 3H / 6H / 12H light for the plants to easily ensure the plant's solar requirements. After you set up the hours, if you do not manually turn off the plant lights or cut off the power supply, the light will automatically turn on at the same time the next day, which will make you enjoy your weekend easily.

Different intensity of growing light strips

You can turn on or off 1/2/3 light strips to control different light intensities for your indoor plants, at the same time, this also allows you to choose to turn on or off the light source for different indoor plants. Besides you could choose 6 adjustable brightness levels for the grow light by 10%, 20%,40%,60%,80%,100%.

Enough wattage grow your plants healthier

We use 3X20W strips with 144 premium LED beads which make your plants enjoy enough power of light, to ensure that your lovely plants can grow healthy and strong enough in the dark environment. The plant grow lights are convenient for a number of potted landscape and indoor garden plants, such as Seeds, Succulents, Flower, Basil, Rosemary, Daffodils, Plumeria, Aloe, Orchids, Thyme, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, etc.

Easy & flexible to install anywhere

Plant Light strips package dimensions: 36 * 7.3 * 4 cm, product specification: 13.2 inches. WEEGrow LED grow light strips with USB and AC plug. Compact design fits various fixtures and surfaces. You can install it for your indoor plant at home or your office. If you meet any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply to you within 24 hours. 


Q: How long does delivery take?
A: Usually it takes 3-7 working days.
Q: What is the automatic start function of LS-200?
A: If you don't cut off the power, LS-200 can automatically turn on the light at the same time the next day.
Q: Can the three tubes be used separately?
A: Yes, we have free stickers and straps, which can be used on each layer of your plant stand separately, and you can choose the mode of one light/two lights/three lights at the same time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Eric Sheppard
Good Starter Grow Light

Easy to use, gives off good light and is very versatile in installation options. Good quality for the price for sure.

Bryn Rotolo
Led Grow Lamp

My plants are loving this grow lamp.

What can i say for a cheap grow light actioly works

I like it i actioly purchase one more yesterday for my friend.
You can put anywhere and seems like my monstera deliciosa love et cos they thrive good


Perfect easy to use. My plants are thriving

Not that bright

Works as described.

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