About Us

How Was WEEGrow Born?

WEEGrow started out as a professional grow lights provider.

The founding team of WEEGrow is a dedicated and highly motivated team of experts with many years of LED lighting experience, striving to provide professional LED grow lights and innovative solutions for large-scale indoor planting.  

But WEEGrow made a change 2 years ago. We received a letter from a new grower who was struggling to get his growing life started. He was hoping to get everything set up and tell people that even not knowing about gardening, you can be a good grower and grow herbs even better than what's out there. Why herbs? Money is tight and he had little confidence in local medicines. To take good care of his seriously-ill mother, he learned to grow from the scratch. We were deeply touched and decided to help him by providing him with grow lights and guiding him on growing healthy plants indoor with grow lights.

It turns out that there are more people being in need of grow lights which play as weapons to them when they declare war on the tough life. We would be happy to be able to offer help when our customers are fighting. Just as it indicates in our name-- WEEGrow, we grow plants with you, and we share.

WEEGrow team

WEEGrow hopes to help more people. What we can do is to let everyone buy grow lights without being discouraged by the price and complicated equipment. To make grow lights more friendly to new growers, we are always diving in the advanced technology and optimizing the functions of our grow lights.

We believe that a brand survives or even thrives because the team behind it is creating and producing for the real needs of the public. WEEGrow doesn't simply sell the most cost-effective grow lights for indoor planting, we also share with you the knowledge of plant cultivation.

Everyone has the right to grow and harvest, achieving what they are working for. What we are pursuing is that WEEGrow grow lights will help to ease your grow life, from starting to upgrading.

Why Choose WEEGrow?

In order to better help your plants grow indoor, WEEGrow provide you the more powerful grow lights with convenient functions.

  • 2.4G Group Remote Control
  • WEEGrow comes with 2.4G multifunctional remote, allowing you to control the grow light on/off, timing and adjust brightness, making gardening more convenient.
  • Timing Function
  • WG-1000 and Q-1000 are designed with 3 timing patterns, which allows to automatically turn off (2H/ 8H/ 12H ) according to your settings. These three timing patterns are able to overlap of each other (Timed=2H+8H+...12H). No worry about burning plants because of long time light.
  • Unlimited Group Control for Both Personal and Commercial Use
  • You could also use the remote to control multiple WEEGrow lights in group, which is especially beneficial for a large area of indoor growing and commercial planting.
Ease your grow life now!