Premium & High Yield】With the latest technology, Q-1000 grow light raises the yields of premium plants by 30% for 368pcs higher energy efficient and light transmitting SMD LEDs of 2.7 umol/J. It consumes only 120W, and is designed to replace a traditional 250watt HPS/MH grow lights. (Maximum Output: 2.5g/w; Veg Footprint: 3 x 3 ft; Flowering Footprint: 2 x 2 ft; Size: 9.45x5.9x0.98in)

Dimmable Design & Full Spectrum Light】Our grow lamp can be dimmed among 5 brightness levels (20%-40%-60%-80%-100%) of full spectrum light (3000K warm white; 5000K blue light; 660nm red & IR light), which promotes the photosynthesis of plants at varied stages to help seeds grow into healthy plants.
Remote Control】Compared with other grow lights controlled by knots, this led growing light comes with a 2.4G multifunctional remote, more convenient for you to control the light for planting of greenhouse and group multiple grow lights at once. Maximum Control Distance: 59ft.
Automatic Smart Timer】3 timing modes enable you to keep this lamp on for 2, 8 or 12 hours, ensuring your plants receive the proper amount of lighting at different stage. You can also customize lighting time by a free combination of these 3 modes.
Reliable WEEGrow Grow Light】Designed with a noise-free & waterproof aluminum heat sink, WEEGrow quality lamp spreads heat fast and provides plants with a tranquil environment in a large area, perfect for indoor or greenhouse planting. We offer worry-free 12-month quality assurance and professional guidance to help you grow your plants easily.