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300W LED Grow Light For Vertical Farm | WEEGrow WBL-2000

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LED hood plants grow light

Output Power(MAX)




Color temperature

Full spectrum



Beam angle


Input voltage range



>50000 hours



Lamp size



11.7 LB


【Full spectrum growth light for plants】

The plant growing lights adopts full-spectrum LED lamp beads, so that the plant lamp can better meet the plant growth needs at all stages of irradiating the plant, and can provide the most needed light source type for the plant to ensure that the plant grows vigorously.

【High lumen】

The plant led lights can emit a high lumen value of 30000lm, and can provide the temperature required for the growth of the plant without burning the plant, and promote a better plant growth environment.

【Aluminum hood makes fast heat dissipation】

The aluminum outer hood can promote the plant lamp to dissipate the heat more quickly, and can illuminate the plant more concentratedly. And it can make the LED lamp bead heat more uniformly, and maximize the light heat.

【Scope of application】

Can be spliced into a larger planting area, suitable for large-scale planting of vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, and can be used for greenhouse seedlings and vertical agricultural planting.

Q: How long does delivery take?
A: Usually it takes 3-5 working days.
Q:What accessories does the plant light include?
A:Each package includes plant lights、hook、 lifting rope、 ruler
Q:Can the plant light be dimmed?
A:Yes. There is a dimmer on the control box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Awesome led grow light!!!

I have many different led grow lights. This being a new mostly white light technology is my first in this new generation of led lights. That being said it works great and the dimable feature is great for more light in the transition from grow to bloom. I have had great results with this light!! Will be buying more of these.

Full spectrum

They're full spectrum and not purple. The purple hurts my eyes so I am very pleased. Not bad for the money.

Bright af

Little to no heat, bright af. I have used it for a couple of weeks now and I have to say WOW my plants love this light. Flowering has become a larger event. Virtually no heat emitted from the LEDs. Big difference from the old led box lights with fans. I highly recommend this light.?

Gary Morgan
Cool deal

Just got this light in last night. Apparently, there is an updated version with a separate dimmer board w/ adjustable knob, which is the one I got. Definitely a good touch and it is removable as is the driver.?

Jason Aeh
Budget Friendly, Good Value For Dollar

This is a budget friendly light, while exceeding budget expectations and results. Bright and full spectrum. Dollar for dollar, is one of the better lights available currently.

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