100W LED Plant Grow Lights Stretchable | WEEGrow TB-1000

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100W LED Plant Grow Lights Stretchable | WEEGrow TB-1000

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WEEGrow TB1000 LED plant grow lights

Output Power(MAX)


Light effect

2.5 umol/J

Waterproof level


Operating temperature



83895.9 lux


1238umol/㎡/s @ 15cm

Output voltage(MAX)

DC 54V

Input voltage range

100-270 VAC


>50,000 hours



Lamp size


Number of devices that can be connected in series

Within 10

Number of splicable equipment

Within 6

【Support Input Series Connection】

TB1000 plant growth lamp use 100W instead of 1000W, light efficiency up to 2.5umol/j, select high-quality UL certified power supply. Supports up to 10 plant growth lights in series, using multiple plant lights in series can solve your troubles of excessive wiring.

【Supports Splicing Within 6 Grow Lights】

TB1000 supports splicing function, you can splice different wattages grow lights freely. There are two splicing methods: seamless splicing and open-space splicing. Easily creating large-scale plant growth plans of different wattages.

【Full Spectrum Samsung SMD Lamp Beads】

TB1000 using Samsung SMD lamp beads, it will be more durable and the light effect will be better. In terms of the number of lamp beads, TB1000 has 115 of warm white beads, 93 of white light, 24 of red light, 1 of IR, and 1 of UV lamp beads, which ensuring the full spectrum characteristics of TB1000.

【Fast heat conduction, strong heat dissipation】

The TB1000 uses a 4.0mm thick aluminum plate radiator, which makes the TB1000 have fast heat conduction and low temperature performance. It can make the temperature in the tent moderate without using a fan, and no longer suffer from the noise of the fan.

【Coloring/Prevent Overgrowth/Increasing Yield】

The TB1000 full-spectrum plant growth light gives plants the different light supplies needed in each different stage, and has better plant coloring ability than other brands of plant growth lights.

Q: How long does delivery take?
A: Usually it takes 3-7 working days.
Q: What is the splicing function of TB1000?
A: You can choose to purchase multiple TB1000s and use them in series and splicing together to create different wattages.
Q: Can TB1000 realize that multiple devices can be separated at the same time?
A: Yes, it is recommended that you splice up to 6 TB1000.

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Steffan Redhawk
Everyone please read this!

This is definitely a top pro light system and its worth the cost.

Highly Recommended!

I would highly recommend this is to any grower out there! My plants are extremely happy with it. I’ll probably order a 2nd one for more coverage, here soon!

abel cruz
Great so far

I've had this setup for a week or so now with no problems. Easy setup and great light output. Not too heavy or bulky. Very happy so far!

A good news for us!:)

Brad A
Great, dimmable LED

I love this light, it has a dimmer knob so I can dial it up or down according to what stage of growth I'm in.

Charles B Dickey
Great product

Great product all around. Will be getting bigger next time though.

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