11W LED Grow Light Bulb Indoor E26 Base | WEEGrow A19

WEEGrow a19 led grow light bulb
WEEGrow led a19 grow light bulb
WEEGrow led grow light bulb a19
11W LED Grow Light Bulb Indoor E26 Base | WEEGrow A19
WEEGrow a19 led grow light bulb distance for plants
WEEGrow led a19 grow distance
WEEGrow led grow light bulb for use
WEEGrow led grow light bulb use for scenarios
WEEGrow led grow light bulb effect

11W LED Grow Light Bulb Indoor E26 Base | WEEGrow A19

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Product Type LED Plant Grow Light Bulb
Rated Power 11W
Color Temperature 4000K & Red & Blue
Lumen 1000lm
Input Voltage AC110-240V
PPF Value 25 μmol/s
Dimming Not dimmable
Lifespan Over 50000 Hours
Base E26
Material  Aluminum, Plastic
Specific Uses General purpose
Bulb Diameter 2.36 Inches
Bulb Length 4.25 Inches
Dimensions 60*60*118mm
Weight 0.08lb

【Energy Efficient】

11W replaces 100W work, More energy saving. E26 base, easy to install, WEEGrow A19 can reach 1000LM, so that your plants can have enough light sources indoors, and they can grow healthily without being affected by indoors.

Natural light

WEEGrow A19 LED grow light bulb is suitable for the growth of indoor plants, as well as the light intensity required for your daily life. A19 can be used in office\living room\bedroom\balcony. The light has two usefulness, which can easily realize the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.

Suitable for all stages

Plants need different light requirements in different periods. The light required for the seed stage is 8-12 hours per day, and the recommended light distance is 24-28 inches; light for the growth stage is 10-14 hours per day, and the recommended light distance is At 18-24inch; light during the flowering period is 12-16 hours a day, and the recommended light distance is 12-18inch.


No breakable parts and free of toxic chemicals. No lead or mercury, no IR radiation. Safe for your family and environment.
Q: How long does delivery take?
A: Usually it takes 3-7 working days.
Q: Can A19 be dimmed?
A: A19 is a grow light bulb that cannot be dimmed
Q: What is the difference between A19 and BR30?
A: Both A19 and BR30 are full-spectrum bulbs, but A19 is 4000K white light, and BR30 is only 3500K

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
sharon e.
Good extra light for my plants

Really like that their not as breakable as most lightbulbs are; or used to be since alot more of a plastic for most of them. When not using them I don't have to worry about finding a spot to hide them from grandkids so they don't get broke.?

Mike McCabe
Brought my aloe vera back to life

I was planning on transplanting them outside after a while but I may just keep them inside and see how they do. If they can fully develop, that means I can grow them even in winter and that would be fantastic. Looking forward to see what they can do!

Cristian Michael Ramirez Campillo

We have an indoor plant nursery that we get plants started out before moving to our main garden, so having a grow light available to supplant the absence of direct sun for a good portion of the day is a must. The additional plus is having a light source that sips on electricity rather than guzzles it. It's working out extremely well for us so far - very happy!

Great Value.

The bulb were exactly as described. My plants are thriving much better with these grow light bulbs. Fast shipping. Great value.

Good lights

Nice lights, my plants are really growing towards them and I can see the bright red in the stems of my tomato and sun flowers.

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