36W Timing LED Grow Lights Strips For Sale | WEEGrow C-100

WEEGrow grow light C-100
WEEGrow C100 Stepless Dimming
WEEGrow C100 Full spectrum
WEEGrow C100 Timing Function
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WEEGrow Grow Light C-100 - WEEGrow

36W Timing LED Grow Lights Strips For Sale | WEEGrow C-100

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Sunlight Full Spectrum

Our grow light is made of 192 beads, which provides a light spectrum from 380 up to 800nm similar to that of the sun, effectively supplements the lack of natural sunlight, and makes your plants grow faster and healthier. Ideal sunlight lighting for all stages of plant growth.

Auto On/Off Timer

Our plant light comes with circular memory timer function which allows to automatically turn on/off (10 min-23h 50 min ) every day according to your settings. NO MORE MANUAL OPERATION.

10 Brightness Settings & 4 Switch Modes

You can adjust the brightness from 10% to 100%, or choose one, two, three or four lamps on to meet the different needs of natural sunlight and plant photosynthesis requirements to promote the growth of plants at all stages. 4 heads grow light enlarges the illumination area with more efficient lighting for more plants.

360° Gooseneck & Strong Clip

The strong clip allows you to place the grow light anywhere in your home or office while the 4 flexible goosenecks lets you adjust the light in any direction to provide the best lighting angle for your beloved plants.
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Q: How long does delivery take?
A: Usually it takes 3-5 working days.
Q: What is the difference between C-100 and CS-100?
A: The head of C-100 is longer and slimer than that of CS-100.
Q: Can the lamp head be replaced?
A: Yes, our lamp head can be removed and replaced with a new one.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Mark M
A good grow light

I’m super-impressed with this grow light! And SO happy with this purchase. Clamp is very strong and stays put giving you options of hanging lights or placing on desk or table.

Extremely good

These lights are just what I was looking for.

Shiina Yuki
My first grow light!

This is my very first grow light! It seemed fairly low risk due to the price point and the overwhelming positive reviews. I'm happy to report that this is super super easy to use and absolutely fills what I needed! I didn't even need to look at the enclosed instructions to be able to figure out how to use it. The lights are ultra bright and the clamp is a very serious clamp. I've got small hands so I had to use both to open this up to get it on the table. If you're someone that struggles with weak hands, you may need help clamping it. However, the arms and lights are super easy to adjust from there. This light is currently taking care of my seed starters, so here's to hoping to a happy harvest this year!

Oh welcome join in planting, if you have any question, you can contact us for help:)

I own two now!

I just purchased my second and set it up.

Nice and bright and can direct light easily

clip is strong

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