96W LED Small Plant Grow Strip Lights | WEEGrow CS-100

WEEGROW grow light CS-100
WEEGrow CS100 Stepless Dimming
WEEGrow CS100 Full Spectrum
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WEEGrow CS100 adjustable grow light
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96W LED Small Plant Grow Strip Lights | WEEGrow CS-100

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Our Advantages

Comparing with other similar products, our plant growing light has more heads (4-head) and more LED beads (192 LED beads), which can provide strong and uniform intensity of light for plants. Besides, there is a LCD display screen on the lamp that will show the time remaining before the lights turn off. With these advantages, this grow lamp will cover larger lighting area and provide losts of convenience for you to cultivate a beautiful plant!

Timing Function & Auto On/Off

WEEGrow CS-100 is designed to be convenient. It can be timed to up to 24 hours minus 10 minutes as the plant needs, offering sufficient and suitable sun-like brightness for your plants. This plant light will automatically turn on the next day at the time you set. No worry about plant withering when nobody’s at home!

4 Switch Modes & 10 Brightness Settings

The 4 head grow light allows you to choose one, two, three or four lamps on.This 96W grow light (24W per bulb) can provide 10 brightness levels from 10% to 100% by pressing plus button or minus button. If you want to cultivate beautiful and fruitful plants, owning a plant growing light that can apply for whole growth circle of different plants will be the best choice you make.

Strong Clip & Adjustable Gooseneck

The 4-head grow light has a strong powerful clip that can be stably and arbitrarily clamped on anywhere. With 4 bendable gooseneck between the clip and the lights, you can move the lights accurately to the position you need. With these features, you can use the plant lamp anywhere your plants are located, such as bedroom, living room,study, private garden, etc.

Full Spectrum & Replaceable Bulb

This grow lamp meets the needs of various plants’ growth. It offers full spectrum from 380 up to 800nm from which plants can absorb all lights they need, which is important for plants to grow better. The plant bulbs are replaceable, so you can replace new bulb instead of buying a new light when the life time of bulb is ended, which is really a environmental-friendly design.

Q: How long does delivery take?
A: Usually it takes 3-5 working days.
Q: Can the lamp head be replaced?
A: Yes.You can change the lamp head.
Q: What is the automatic opening function of CS-100?
A: If you don't cut off the power, the CS-100 can automatically turn on the light at the same time the next day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
You need this light!

I am in LOVE with my new grow light! After trying several different lights, this one’s by far my favorite! I especially love that they’re not purple but a nice, soft light and much more conducive for leaving them on more often because of the warm light and not the annoying purple you usually get.

Happy plants!

This was pretty cool!

Isaiah w.
Weegrow cs100 led grow light is a awesome light!!

Very nice light.

Jerry Joppek
Nice quality light,

I haven¡¯t used it for very long but so far I¡¯m impressed with this light. Appears to be well made. The clip is very strong. I like the ability to adjust the height of each lamp separately.?

Michael L. Gooch
Great Grow Light

My next move is to work in some indoor gardening. I think this will be a great opportunity for this grow light. I can certainly recommend this light. Michael

Thank you for your kind:)

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