WEEGrow Grow Light Bulbs Clearance SaleWEEGrow Grow Light Bulbs Clearance Sale
45W LED Plant Light Bulb Full Spectrum | WEEGrow PAR30-400
from $29.99 Regular price $59.99 Save 50%
27W E26 LED Grow Bulbs Lights 4000K | WEEGrow PAR-200
from $18.99 Regular price $38.99 Save 51%
WEEGrow UFO-300 plant grow light bulb
WEEGrow UFO-300 grow light bulbs for indoor plants
30W Plant Grow Light Bulb For Houseplant | WEEGrow UFO-300
from $24.99 Regular price $49.99 Save 50%
WEEGrow Remote Control Grow Light WG-1000WEEGrow Remote Control Grow Light WG-1000

From our customers


The ability to control multiple grow lights on one remote is very neat.


It's really cool. You don't need a timer on your grow lights when you use WEEGrow.


Great quality; High performing light for a very affordable price.

Aaron Miller

I'm totally happy with the remote control design,and the dimming feature.

Dr. John

It's very easy to use, and the timer function is very helpful for having it on a cycle.